Android and TouchOSC

I’ve recently got hold of a Nexus 7 and have been looking into various ways to connect it successfully to both OSX and Windows via wifi.  There are without a doubt numerous methods to setup a connection and there is also a  fair bit of discussion on the best approach to connect an Android device to an Ad-hoc network.

nexus7Daachu posted a great tutorial on the Hexler forum using the Open Garden app.  Even though it worked I was looking for a more direct connection solution and one that connected with a lot more ease.  Eventually I stumbled upon an app called AirDroid which aside from one quirk (the laptop connects to the Android device) it has a great bonus of hosting the connection, so that should you move out of wifi range (performing a little too far from the bar), the laptop will automatically reconnect as soon as you move back into range, superb!

Firstly, once you’ve grabbed the AirDroid app from and it’s installed you do not need to register an account to use it.



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