Bomes, APC40’s, TouchOSC, Visuals and stuff.

The resurrected domain name will now contain various tech related posts, sites of interest, visual related rants, freebies etc.  There will be a revised release of the Bomes / APC40 / Resolume 4 patch I’ve been working on for an eternity (it’s seen many different revisions) …

apc40The free release of the Bome patch is designed to work with Resolume 4 (Arena & Avenue) out of the box and cover some of the features I think most of us will want direct access to.  Featuring clip previewing, complete BPM control, timeline mode, hot keys for cue points and obviously it’s completely mappable to your own style of play.

Continuing on from the free release will be a paid version with access to 80 clips per deck (for higher resolution displays), composition / layer / clip dashboard mapping, clip timeline / BPM control and is already my main performance mapping.  Featuring almost complete control of every playable aspect of Resolume, this release will be available as a stand alone executable on Windows and OSX.

Continuing on a controller theme, there will also be the various TouchOSC templates I’ve been messing around with.  Percussion will be making a return (for both Android and iOS), as well as a new default Resolume template (can you see a theme here?).  There are a couple of familiar designs coming up as well that have so far worked well with Resolume and are just for a bit of fun.

I’ll also be attempting to keep up to date with various developments within the visual community, as well as collating all the bits and pieces I personally find interesting, amusing or just damn wrong!

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