Chaser 2, Resolume 6 and the APC40.

What with the recent release of Resolume 6 (6.0.1 currently) and the revised 64bit version of Chaser 2 (from Hybrid Visuals ~ I found myself on Saturday at KOKO in London with a bit of time to kill and a reasonably simple LED wall setup to spice up.

*Edit – I should actually point out that the gig did not “turn up” due to my running of Chaser 2, Resolume 6 or owning an APC40 mkII.  It’s all about getting the gigs yourself and being good enough to get booked (your mileage in software use may vary).

During the three hours before showtime I decided to delve a little deeper into the new MIDI mapping side of Resolume 6 and then remembered I’d recently hassled Joris for the updates to Chaser 2.  Fun was on the cards.

Now I’ve seen a number of posts on the venerable Facebook, and the question has been raised if a single plugin is worth between €150 – €175. The simple answer is a resounding yes.  If this plugin saves you time, and offers new methods to step through projection mapping and LED setups then spend the cash.

This post however is a brief tutorial on using Chaser 2 on Resolume 6 with an Akai APC40 mkII (oddly enough).

I have my controller setup pretty much how I  want it, so I looked for a spare usable pot on the controller that would be perfect for scrolling through the 16 Chase presets that I had created.  I found this holy grail in the much underused “TEMPO” dial located top left of the controller (just below the logo and the RED buttons (RECORD & SESSION)).

Not only was it underused but the actual feel of the dial as it’s turned, stepped if you will (you’ll have to take it for a twirl if you want to understand) was perfect for the use I had in mind.

Resolume 6, however didn’t utilise the dial directly out of the box, so a quick modification of the mapping details was required to get the best out of the dial.

I left it on Channel 1, as all other mapping remains on this and changed the MODE to “Relative”.

The remaining change was to set the total range of the dial to match the 16 steps of my sequences (of course, if you utilise less of the sequences you can set the total number of steps to whatever you require).

This automatically gave a step size of 0.6.  On a personal note, I’d have liked to been able to specify more floating points on this value, however it appears to be hard coded (divided if you will based upon the total values).

*Edit – I’ve just had a thought as I type this out. I’ll try to reduce the top end value of the range to 0.90 (or something) to see if I can get a closer divisible range per step (May find this post updated).  Anyway … I digress …

Starting with a single chase (as seen on the above screenshot) of all the panels active, this became my first and last chase sequence so I could leave the dial at either extremity and have all content shown fully on the wall.  The remaining fourteen steps then began to get interesting.  Throughout the event I continued to add and tweak the chases and create new ones to fill all slots.

One great addition to this plugin (of recent anyway) is the fact that it no longer requires a manual “refresh” to load in new sequences as it’s all handled in the plugin on the Resolume side.  As soon as I had created and named a new sequence it was accessible on the dial #genius.

There is one other thing to consider whilst using the plugin IMHO.  The step playback is best suited to being set to BPM (as all my imported clips), and by default I used a BPM count of 8 beats.  Obviously mixing this default with sequences of 4 / 8 / 16 / + beats could lead to interesting tempo adjustments being required.

Once again though, know your tools and Resolume in this sixth incarnation is a beast that is worth taking the time to tame (say that pissed).

Overall, I’m pleased to have stumped up the cash.  Chaser 2 is a blinding little application and well worth a few hours of your time to get to grips with.  Your LED and projection mapping installations will take on a new feel and you will also look at individual LED panels in a different light.

With your Resolume licence now supporting two installations (Resolume 6+) and the facility to have them on both platforms, I’d seriously consider paying the paltry €25.00 extra and getting it for Mac and Windows platforms.

I’ve handed my cash over, had a bit of a laugh with it, used a much unloved and neglected dial on my APC and impressed a promoter.

Joris.  Thank you!

Chaser 2 can be purchased (should be at any rate) from HERE.

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