Dark Dolls free HD VJ loop.

For some reason, there would appear to be a dark theme running through some of the content I put out online (via VJLoops or Videopong etc.) and it seems to be manifesting itself in an attempt to scare the bejeszuz out of people at events.

True, I’ve tried on occasion to strobe people int submission before, and the use of Pennywise the clown generally results in a mixed bag of people running towards me in tears, however with this in mind I’d like to introduce you to another doll related collection of loops.  One of which is up for grabs here on this very sight!

The remainder of them as they currently stand (or lie) are available over at the very friendly website run by Kyle (http://www.vjloops.com/).  Do feel free to take a look.

Alternatively, bag yourself a free, dark n twisted VJ  loop nice n simply.  Click the image below to grab the clip.


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