Free halloween content

dollstruction-299x375It’s that time of year once again and with it out comes the skull, C4D content and we are flooded with bouncing, baby skulls.  However, five years ago (approximately) I gave birth to a series of small clips.  Armed with soldering iron and butane torch I went to work on a couple of childrens dolls, capturing every part of their destruction in stop motion.  Admittedly it may not have been the best time to meet the girlfriends mother, but hey I think it made a lasting impression.

So, here for your halloween horror (aside from the low resolution scariness) I give to you the twelve loops from the Dollstruciton set.


(On a side note; If you are considering going to your local charity shop looking for dolls to destroy, don’t consider actually telling them what you do with them. It not only makes them look at you strangely, it also ended up with to shops actually refusing to take my money and them not selling me any more. #sadface).

PPS.  Also, when burning any childrens doll with either a soldering iron / or butane torch combo please ensure you have adequate ventilation.  I know it sounds really obvious but in retrospect doing this job in a dining room was not my finest moment.  And could in all honesty probably explain a thing or two …

 theLABVisuals_thumb5 theLABVisuals_thumb4 Screenshot 2015-10-28 12.40.49
theLABVisuals_thumb3 theLABVisuals_thumb2 theLABVisuals_thumb1 Screenshot 2015-10-28 12.40.24