Novation LaunchControlXL MIDI template

Unfortunately my long standing controller of choice (APC40 mk1) has gone and joined the choir immortal and is now an ex-controller.  The obvious option was to save up a bit of cash and order the new mk2 of the beast.  However, aside from a shifting of some of the pots and a bit of a make up (the USB power being a handy option), I have come to the conclusion that I’m happy to sacrifice two USB ports and run with the Novation LaunchControl XL and a Novation LaunchPad S.

This combination of the two controllers offers me more pots, more buttons and I think the two of them will go a little bit easier in my gig bag.  The missing crossfader will be remapped to the first available slider on the left.  So with this in mind, I’ve started to look at how I can remap the two controllers in Bome’s and get it up to spec for my particular style of use.

Now I’ve not yet gone and purchased them, and to save a bit of faffing around I have decided to create a couple of TouchOSC templates that use the default MIDI data that the controllers kick out from bootup and have a go remapping them via TouchOSC running the MIDI bridge.

So here we have the first (rough) TouchOSC version of the LaunchControl XL.  The template (user / factory) buttons are not included as they are system controls and from what I can see do not offer any MIDI notes.

As far as I’m aware, it’s all setup as per the hardware as ready to be mapped into you’re software of choice.


1 file(s) 2.12 KBDOWNLOAD


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