OSX installation issues?

Of recent there have been a number of mails to the TouchOSC mailbox with installation issues on both the editor and the bridge.  These so far have all been problems with OSX, not Windows systems.  So, with that in mind here is a quick and dirty solution to these particular error messages ..,

What we are dealing with here, is a simple case of the nanny state dictating what you can or cannot install.  A problem however that is a lot simpler than trying to convince the UK government that they are a load of scrounging rich boys (the full rant can be heard at the other website).

Simply open up “System Preferences” …

01_systemprefs 02_prefsopen

Head over to the “Security & Privacy” application, and under “General” you will find the following “Allow applications downloaded from”.


Simply unlock the panel using your system password when prompted, select the scary “Anywhere” option and lock it up.


Install you’re applications.