Have you heard of Panik(gone)?!

Now I really would not be too surprised if you hadn’t heard of Panikon in all honesty.  It’s a tiny, free application that I asked Rob of Hexler.net to have a go creating and put simply, he made it!

The idea of Panikon is really quite simple.  It sits between, and monitors the Syphon output of your favorite pice of VJ software and just passes those frames through to another application (your mapping software of choice for example) without any modificaiton.

So why would this be wanted?

As VJ software become more complicated, the requirements to run it can become more heavy (IMHO).  More clips, more live code, more effects.  All take a toll on the CPU as well as the GPU and occasionally your laptop or desktop computer may just say enough is enough and lock, hang, time out or in extreme situations simply crash.  This is where Panikon comes into play.

As long as you have a loop of content pre-prepared, should your VJ weapon of choice give up the ghost and sever the Syphon connection, Panikon will automatically trigger your preselected content back into the pipeline and (theoretically) you should have content playing whilst you reboot your VJ application.


The first thing to do is head over to the Hexler.net website and download the Panikon zip file. Once you have this saved locally, unzip it and drag it into your Applications folder on your Mac.

The application is signed, so simply running it from your Applications folder will result in the standard opening warning

Once you have it installed and running you will notice a small, unobtrusive icon in the bar at the top of the screen.  By clicking this icon a number of simple options will be available to you.

About Panikon:
This is self explanatory and offers version checking and general information.

Video input:
This is where we load into the application the video to be triggered upon Syphon server failure.
The “loaded” video file will be shown here when you have a clip ready.

Syphon input:
From the “Source” option you will be able to select the application you want to monitor.  Important note, the input file will not playback DXV’d content.  Stick to AVFoundation standard formats (this does include mp4’s).

I’ve knocked up a brief tutorial to save you reading through pages of  drivel.

*NOTE: If Panikon has been triggered by a crashing application, to return control to your rebooted VJ application you simply restart the visual app, and once your outputting again via Syphon, simply reselect the “Syphon input source” in the Panikon application.

Just make sure your mapping file is using Panikon as it’s Syphon input.




  1. Travis wrote:

    Anything like this exist for Windows?