Percussion – A Resolume template.

<<< FAFFING >>>

So I’ve been faffing around with this template idea for months. Too many months actually and the last time I checked I had around twelve different iterations of this damn thing not only clogging up my iPad’s but also saved in as many backup or backups folders strewn across at least three drives and countless Time Machine backups.

It’s gotten a bit silly really.

So yesterday (all my troubles did seem so far away (sorry I digress)), I sat down and ran through all versions and decided to take the aspects of each one I liked and assemble them into what I was hoping would be a working release for you all to have a bash on.

This also almost worked.


Percussion_composition_iPad2Yes the newly assembled template (hereinafter known only as v0.8a) had all the wonderful working bits of the previous versions, and yes, I immediately went about modifying this new beast by adding other harebrained ideas and concepts to it. Subsequently I realised my original idea of releasing it online had already been scuppered so I’ve removed the two extra pages (the content selection screen and the active layer section (this is being a bit of a bugger at the moment) and am offering up here the basic, composition only version complete with bugs for your beat slapping entertainment.

It’s not a bad template and all of the poor, unsuspecting, drunk clubbers (and the odd lampy) have had it in their mitts and bashed away at it (I may yet have a career writing for pornhub at this rate) with pretty good results really. So here it is.

<<< RESOLUME >>>

Resolume_defaultOn the Resolume side of things it’s using a six layer default composition with eight standard composition effects to handle the colour changing side of things with the same eight preset colours set on each active layer (because as VJ’s we do spend a fair bit of time trying to colour match those pesky lampies).

I’ve also included a blank Resolume composition file setup for 720p and 1080p and this composition utilises the free content that came with your Resolume installation (so if you’ve deleted it more fool you).

The trigger pads are set with ‘Y’ velocity on each one, so hit the pad higher and you get a higher layer opacity. The fader attached to each layer works as a ‘lock’ for the layer also and once set you can simply hit the main pad again to release it.

So set your bottom layers manually if you want and beat slap over the top.

Once you set your favourite effects (as usual) feel free to drag the relative opacity of effect to one of the eight dashboard pots and surprisingly enough the rotaries on the template come into play.

There are a batch of eight toggle buttons which are already linked to the eight colour presets too (Red / Green / Blue / Cyan / Yellow / Magenta / Pink / White) and currently these need to be manually turned off prior to a new one selected.

And finally there is a BPM tap complete with divide and multiply by two as standard.

It kinda makes sense to me with the bottom left pad being the bottom layer rolling up to the top right one for the top layer as I’m cack handed / a leftie. The complete release will come in left and right handed versions and will some day soon include the active layer section too (just got to nail one issue really).

<<< Playback hints >>>

A little forethought can go quite a way into making the content work well by selecting the content into columns. I personally look at alpha channelled content that builds up in interest. So a more simple, less hectic clip goes into the first four columns (from the bottom), leading up to something as hectic as the house of commons when they are discussing how to avoid paying tax on their (ahem) “earnings’.

Setting each of the lower paced clips with a different primary colour also works well for the random button bashing offered by a drunken punter and by default all content is imported into Resolume with BPM sync by default.

So.  I’d like to introduce you all to ‘Percussion’.  A different way to play on Resolume.

Feel free to let me know how you get on with it, just how easy it is for the punters to have a play on and please let me know if you’ve modified it in any way at all.