Resolume 4 / APC40’s & Bomes MIDI translator

bomes It’s been quite a while since I created my first remapping of the APC40 using Bome’s MIDI convertor for Resolume Avenue 4.x, and at the time I released a somewhat buggy patch that offered a default layout for the APC based upon the default, three layer setup of Resolume. The undocumented patch was briefly online on an older website I messed around on ( until a problem with a matter transporter, the space time continuum and a small rodent named Eric conspired together and the site was lost to the digital winds.

Of recent I’ve had a little bit of interest in the patch once again via Vimeo and Facebook, and as such I’ve decided to trawl through the backups of various computers and try to relocate the Bome’s file as well as the Resolume mapping file that I used in the Vimeo video (as seen here > ).

To get the translator patch simply download Res4_APC40 archive.  This archive contains a Resolume 4.x XML MIDI mapping file that has to be loaded into your copy of Resolume.  Please note, that it is up to you to manually backup you’re own MIDI mappings prior to using this patch / MIDI mapping.  I will NOT be held responsible for you’re own inability to backup settings should you forget to do so :)

It also contains a trial encrypted Bome’s MIDI translator patch file signed with the trial version of the sign tool.  To use this files, simply download the trial MT Player from the Bome website (HERE), install the app, load the preset file and map the MIDI ports.

As it stands, this is provided with zero support.  Have a look, hack, trial and see how it works for you.  I AM currently rewriting this default patch to work for the APC20 and 40 and once completed will be available as a free download.




  1. kiriwang wrote:

    I am from China, a vj I would like to know “apc40 + -resolume 4.x” midi mapping detailed steps hope to get your help, thank you! ! Looking forward to your detailed tutorial is best video recording

  2. Patrick wrote:

    any update on the status for the apc20 patch?


    • Tony Coleman wrote:

      Unfortunately for me, my own APC40 has given up the ghost and is no longer in use. So as above “this is provided with zero support”. Feel free to download as per instructions and see if it works with your APC20.