SSLFX livestream studio

Saturday 11th July say myself and Kris head to Birmingham, back to the SLLFX livestream studio for a seven hour set for Crooked House, a Litchfield based promoter. Since the live events industry is suffering globally it’s always great to keep an oar in and keep things visually live.

Due to an error of judgement (I installed Mac OS Catalina (I know, I know)) the main gig laptop is now prone to randomly locking itself and returning to the login screen. Obviously this isn’t what is wanted mid gig! To overcome this, the session was captured via another laptop and that ran the mapping output to the P3 LED panels. The MadMapper scenes function here was truly a lifesaver through the event.

Our Virtual Festival is live now! Going til 11pm from the SLLFX Livestream Studio, available to book via:
4-5 Chris Walton
5-6 The Usual Suspect
6-7 Koala T
7-8 Ill Phil B2B Ste Rhodes
8-9 Joe Hunt
9-10 Sam Supplier
10-11 El-J

The last three hours of the livestream
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