TouchOSC and Android template recovery

Well it’s here.  The first post of the New Year and It’s something that I’m getting more and more enquiries into.  How can I backup and recover a long lost template from my Android device?  There has been a few attempts at this and some of them require rooting your device, others bury you into a shedload of *nix terminal mumbo jumbo.

Me?  I chose lazy.  Don’t choose anything else.

So what do we need and where do we go?  First step is forget about rooting anything.  There are various backup applications out there that will let you run a specific backup on any installed application and the one I chose to use is “App Backup and Restore”.

Secondly, and this is mainly down to my loss of a simple USB data cable, I linked my Google Drive account to the application to make the resulting backup easily accessible.

Now this application is free, and with free comes a pretty constant supply of full frame pop up ads (practically after each stage of this backup process, so grit your teeth and if the recovered template is worth it, then click one or two (let them make a few pence eh?)).

Now we move onto the poorly documented and laid out  screen shots …


Now, upon first opening the application you will see a list of all installed Android apps.  Simply click the one you want to backup and press the cunningly disguised “Backup” button located at the bottom of the screen


With the backup underway, you will be shown a small update at the bottom.  Successful or not, it will be shown here.


Next, for ease of transfer I’ll be copying the resulting backup over to my Google Drive utilising the inbuilt option.



Simply click the “Archived” tab (centre) and then once you have chosen the archived file to send press the first button as shown to access the “Send” dropdown.  We are going to [Upload] our file.  If you haven’t yet linked your Google Drive account, it’s listed on the main slide out menu to the left of the app screen (I didn’t say I was going to make it too easy for you now did I?).


There we go!  We have successfully backed up our entire TouchOSC structure.

With the resulting sync completed, give it a few moments and you should then magically see the archived file appear on your laptop / desktop.  Now we can look at recovering your precious template and making it usable once again.  For the purposes of this guide, I’m continuing this on OS X, I’m pretty certain nothing would have changed for Windows users, do let me know though if there are any changes.


The first thing we have to do is [Unzip] the resulting, archived file from our Google Drive.  Place it somewhere obvious (like on a nice clean desktop).

Then we will delve into the resulting filesystem ((this really is obvious at this point), and move the template folder we want to recover.

The packed templates in this example are located around [TouchOSC…./apk/TouchOSC-net.hexler(version)/assets].  We are simply going to take one of these folders and ZIP it back up.  On OS X we can simply right click the folder and choose [Compress {template name}].

With the resulting [ZIP] file, we simply drag it to a different folder / desktop and remove the [.ZIP] extension.

Confirm your changes regarding the extension.

And there we go.

One fully operational, backed up and recovered TouchOSC template from an Android device.



  1. silli wrote:

    it dont show my osc files. only default osc files…

    • Fluke wrote:

      Balls! Thanks for pointing that one out! It’s true, so currently this post is no more than a nice method to retieve the APK from an existing installed device. I will get this resolved!