TouchOSC on a 15″ Windows Touchscreen laptop

Yes, you read that correctly.  It can be done, and is pretty handy for those really fiddly, small templates with a hundred plus buttons, dials, encoders, weasels,time management consultants, whatever).  Aside from this huge upgrade in available real estate for your templates you also benefit from a vastly improved response time due to what ever processor you are running.  So those laggy page switches can also become a thing of the past.

So, what do we need for this to work?  It’s a simple enough setup really.  Go to grab a copy of Bluestacks 2 on Windows (the “2” here is the important bit for compatibility).  Now there is // was an OS X release of this as well, however it appears to have fallen by the wayside and is currently not available, however until Apple decide to add a touchscreen to a Mac then it’s kinda mute point anyway.

With this installed, I can whole heartedly recommend signing into your own Google play account as this will mean you can install your already purchased copy of TouchOSC onto the laptop.  With the recent update to TouchOSC for Android as well you can now flip the interface.

I’ll continue with this post and fill out the details.  Network setup // network joining is simply via Windows as normal, so to ease the use do have the TouchOSC MIDI Bridge running as well on the host computer (even if your not using MIDI).