What can you do with a V4 and Resolume?

Right then, it’s time to put some of the random ideas that have for (most likely the last three years) a while been running around in my noggin and put them into some form of order.

The Edirol V4. Mainstay of VJ’s and vidiots for oh I don’t know decades into use in this goddam HD technological age.

The premise goes like this. The V4 is a MIDI device. Resolume takes MIDI in. So if I can theoretically can use the V4 as a MIDI device AND control it, the resulting output from the V4 means I can get my lovely, analogue feedback in place and who knows where this can go (as well as utilising the in built video effects etc.).

So. What kit do I need and how is this likely to work? I’ll be honest here, I have attempted this already to a degree, it’s just that the recordings I took (and they looked damn fine) are lost to the sands of time and a swop from iOS to Android. So I’ll be adding to this post with concepts, failures and the (hopefully) inevitable “WHOOP IT WORKS!” kinda thing.

Lets start at the beginning (and if this in any way, shape or form gets condescending, well you’ll have to just suck it up darlings!).

So what hardware will be thrown into this nonsense?

An Edirol (Roland) V4 mixer. Yeah it’s old. Feel free to substitute for an Edirol V5 or push the boat out and grab a V8. Your number os scan converters will change depending on your setup.

A USB > MIDI cable.

Scan converters. I’ve settled on two due to the grouping available in Resolume Arena and it works with the A/B style of the V4..

Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle USB3. Because who wouldn’t want the resulting output fed back into Resolume with all it’s glorious effects eh?

Bomes MIDI translator. This may or may not end up in the final workflow, it’s dependant upon the data from the V4 and if I want to push individual effect buttons to trigger multiple Resolume presets / buttons / bypasses etc. (it’s going to get messy!).

Obviously, results will ultimately depend on the source content from Res. Balancing the live aspect will be the main thing here.

To be updated.

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